A Note from Pastor Waterloo —


Matthew 8:10 When Jesus heard it, he marvelled, and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.


Dear Members,


What a great year of prayer that the Lord has allowed us to experience.  We have grown in our relationship with Jesus Christ and we have learned how to pray more!  The trials and blessings of 2016 will forever be in our hearts as we thank the Lord for another blessed year!


As we enter a new year we will enter new challenges and opportunities.  No one can say for sure what 2017 will hold for us, but this one thing is sure: God will be with us!  With God being for us, then who can be against us?  This brings us to our new theme for the coming year.  God has challenged me to increase my faith and so together were are going to embrace "Great Faith".


Most of you know I am a sports fan.  I enjoy a variety of sports and since we are currently in the football season I will use a football analogy.  I have observed over the last few years players that I follow getting older and older.  They are actually past the the prime of their playing careers.  This causes the pundits to write about their need to resign or at the very least, the inevitability that they will regress in their playing abilities.  Nothing makes me smile more than to see these “old” guys go against traditional thought and do more than expected.  I watched as Brett Favre went from retirement to leading his new team to many victories.  Then there was Peyton Manning who was released by the Colts, only to go to Denver and win the Super Bowl!  Then there is Tom Brady.  Every year someone says that he’s not going to do better this year, and then he goes out and does more than the previous year!


I admire this kind of spirit, the spirit that says, “I do not accept that I need to just coast and get a paycheck.  Instead, I want to do more for the team!”  This is the spirit that I want at CBC!  I don’t think that we are too old to do more for our Lord Jesus Christ.  On the contrary, I think we are primed and ready to accomplish more for Him and His kingdom… more than every before!  To do this we are going to need to grow in our faith!


When we practice faith, there is nothing impossible with God.  God loves it when we have faith (Hebrews 11:6).  It is faith and grace that saves us, and it is faith that grows us.  This year we are going on a journey of Great Faith!  Will you join us?  Will you take on the challenge to do something more for Jesus in 2017?  It will take a step of faith, but this year let’s show our faith by our works and trust our Lord to empower us to do even more!


In Christ’s Service,

Pastor John Waterloo


  • By faith do something more in 2017 than you did in 2016.  You can give more, serve in a new ministry, go on outreach, attend consistently, visit the sick and elderly, or anything else that increases your faith as well as shows your faith.  This is the year to do more!
  • By faith we want to triple our Bus Ministry!  Will you be a part of this effort?
  • By faith we need to increase our monthly building offerings to $13,000/month.
  • By faith we have begun a new 2-year internship program at the church.  We believe God will provide the funds to support this new endeavor.
  • By faith, you have one… or bring one!  Just think what God could do if every family brought a guest to church in 2017!

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