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Welcome to Camp Coleman

On one special Saturday each fall, Central Baptist Church transforms into Camp Coleman, headquarters for our Spiritual Boot Camp rally, where hundreds of teens from churches in Oklahoma and surrounding states congregate to fortify themselves physically with a great meal and then spiritually with great Bible preaching!
You are invited to be a part of each year's SBC Rally! Come and enjoy the meal, the fun AND the spiritual training.
We hope to host you at SBC 2023 on October 7th!
Bro. Matt Morales
Assistant Pastor

Central Baptist Church


2023 Speaker
Tyler Prater

October 7, 2023
11:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Central Baptist Church |  1732 E. Coleman Road  |  Ponca City, OK 74604  |  580.765.5840  |  Pastor John Waterloo

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